Lotte Malang Cow

Greetings and welcome to my first post. My name is Jules and I have an insatiable love for snacks. I love all things sweet, salty, chewy, crunchy and savory. I love to travel and one of the high points of traveling is being able to try different snacks from the globe.

Let’s start with Lotte Malang Cow. These are delectable little milk flavored candies from South Korea. Milk flavored concessions are hugely popular in Asian countries, but not so much or even heard of in the Western parts of the world. So let’s dive in….


As with most products in Korea, the packaging is cute and charming. A little cow to holding 2 little milk containers. Inside, these candies are individually wrapped with approximately 25 pieces per bag.

How do they taste? I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I do enjoy milk flavored goodies so I was excited to try them. I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as the sweet, creamy milk flavor hit my tastebuds, I knew I had made the right choice. These candies were really good! It’s not just a plain milk flavor, this has a slight sweetness and rich creaminess to them. It’s a bit similar to those cans of sweetened condensed milk, but just not as sugary or as sweet. Upon opening an individual packet, it really did have a milky “scent” but not off putting.

The texture…. I was expecting these to e hard candies, judging by the picture and illustration of the packaging. To my delight and surprise, these were soft and chewy. If a marshmallow and taffy were to have a baby, that would be the best way I could describe it. Light and airy, like little clouds of joy.


There is also a strawberry flavor and since I was so pleased with the original, I’m going to have to try those next. The price for the Lotte Malang Cow candies are 1,800 won or $1.55.

If you’re a fan of milky flavors, give this a try. If you do try this or have tried this, let me know your thoughts about it. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more snack reviews from around the globe! 




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