Nestle Mandarin Orange Kit Kat

Ooh for the love of Kit Kat bars! The smooth milk chocolate and crispy wafers are always a mouth watering treat. I found these mandarin orange variety at a local 7/11 in Korea and thought I would give it a whirl. Without further a do, let’s dive right in!


Packaging: I’m a sucker for good packaging. If the amount of time and effort is put in to make the packaging nice, it just has to be good, right? We are about to find out! The box contained 3 wrapped portions of 2 Kit Kat bars each inside.

Scent: I found these to have the most glorious scent. It was reminiscent to those chocolate orange chocolate slices that I usually buy as a stocking stuffers for my kids.

Texture: If you have ever had a Kit Kat, the texture of these were on par and exactly the same as the original. Creamy milk chocolate on the inside with an airy and crispy wafer layers on the inside.


Price: I found these to be a tad pricier than the original Kit Kat counterparts. This could possibly be because of the packaging costs and wrapped products inside. 1,900 Won/ $1.65.

Taste: The scent, the texture… it was all there. However, this fell short in terms of taste. While I could certainly smell the citrus aroma, I could barely taste the mandarin orange goodness. What I got from this, was sugar overload. It was definately a milk chocolate but overly sweet. To be fair and give an honest assessment and review, I did try 2 full bars and that wasn’t easy an easy task. These were too sweet and not enough swirls of orange flavor.

Rating: I would rate this 1 out of 5 stars. In theory, it was a great concept. Out of curiosity, I’m glad I tried it but sadly, it’s not a repurchase for me.

* Hope you enjoyed the review. These are just my own opinions and thoughts. Let me know below if you’ve tried this and your thoughts! 



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