Umaibo Cheese Corn Puff


Umaibo Corn Puff sticks are my guilty pleasure. I can eat 10 of these in one sitting, I think they are that good! These are from Japan and Umaibo means “delicious stick.” Simple yet fitting, in my opinion. These remind me of a large Cheetos Puff but a slightly denser and crunchier.

Packaging: These are individually wrapped with fun characters that usually depict what the flavors are by the illustration. 

Price: 2000¥ or 10¥ when sold individually. $2.00 or $.10

Scent: Cheesy/ corn scent


Texture: Smothered cheese powder, melt in your mouth, crunchy and slightly more dense then a the average Cheeto Puff. Larger in size too. 

Flavor: Imitation cheese powder but the flavor is great! Almost an American cheese, slightly sweet corn puff. Neither over power each, a good balance. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. This is a repeat buy for me. 

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