Lotte Crunky Mint Ice Cream Bar

I’m not usually a mint flavor fan, it’s just isn’t one that I reach for, if there are other flavor options. Crunky makes chocolate candy bars and this was the first time I’ve seen it in a frozen treat form. When I saw this ice cream bar, I was intrigued by the packaging and wanted to see if the ice cream inside was really that pretty teal color. Aesthetics and pretty colors can really draw me in sometimes. Yes, the ice cream really is a teal, mint color. So what did I think? Let’s dive in!


Packaging: simple, nothing flashy here. Like I mentioned above, the teal color ice cream pictured on the front was what I really curious about.

Price: 1000 ₩/ $.80

Scent: Milk chocolate and you could actually detect the mint. Neither is overpowering. 


Texture: The outer shell is made up of milk chocolate and light, crunchy puffed rice. It reminds me somewhat of a Nestle Crunch Bar. The ice cream inside was slightly firm, but soft. Both textures meshed well together.

Flavor: Oh this is so good. The combination of the outer chocolate shell and the teal mint ice cream. The mint flavor was so creamy, a good blend of vanilla and mint. It isn’t the type o mint that is in a York peppermint patty, a candy cane or even Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Those give a strong mint taste. Not the case with this ice cream. This was well blended and delicious. 

Rating: I rate this 4 out of 5 stars. I took a star away because it was so messy. The little puffed rice embedded in the chocolate kept falling off. I’m glad I wasn’t wearing a white shirt. 


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