Paris Baguette Boulangerie

I adore Paris Baguette and lucky for me, there always seems to be one nearby in Korea. I’m a big fan of bakeries and literally want to try one of everything when I’m there. I have my favorites, but I usually pick up one or two items that I’ve never tried before. Today, I decided to try the Mocha cream, orange cream and strawberry white bread. Let’s dive in!


Packaging: no frills here. Clear and see through, which I appreciated. You see exactly what you are getting. Nice brief description of what you are getting printed on the front. It’s in Korean (I do speak and read it fluently) but the pictures do help for those who don’t. 

Price: The mocha and orange cream bread was 1500₩ / $1.25. White strawberry was 2500₩/ $2.00. These are so affordable and won’t break the bank if you grab a few items. 

Texture: Mocha/ Orange Cream bread: I’ll be honest, this bread is basically a hot dog bun. It’s more dense and thicker than a hot dog bun, but it’s so similar. The bread opens up exactly like a hot dog bun and that’s where the filling is. The cream is rich but not too heavy or over filled. The Strawberry White bread was soft and slightly gooey, almost like a sweet glaze on the top. No filling. 


Taste: Mocha cream/ Orange cream. Once you get over the fact that these are glorified hot dog buns, they’re actually delightful. The mocha cream was a nice blend of mocha, like a nice cappuccino/ latte flavor. The orange cream was so good! A good combination of orange and sweet cream. Not reminiscent of a creamsicle, this has its own distinct flavor. The bread was thick and doesn’t seem to be the proper proportions with the small amount of cream that is sandwiched in between. I wish there were more cream and less thickness of the bread. 

The Strawberry white bread didn’t live up to my expectations. I believe this was a limited edition, Valentine’s themed release. I assumed there was a cream filling inside, but sadly there wasn’t. This was just a slightly strawberry flavored bread. I wasn’t a fan of the texture and it was a bit too doughy for my liking.

Rating: Mocha/ Orange Cream bread would be a 3 out of 5 stars. I rate the Strawberry white bread 1 out of 5 stars. 

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